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In the markets this antibiotic is also available under the brand name Azithromycin. This drug is an FDA approved antibiotic which legalized to be marketed for the users. You can buy this drug easily from any of the medical stores and pharmacies easily. There are many online websites which are offering you the option to buy azithromycin online. These websites also share detailed information about Zithromax online. You can get to know about dosage, pros and cons and side effects of this antibiotic in detail on these websites. They prove to be source of important information to you all.

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One of the most sold antibiotics, Zithromax is a macrolide antibiotics subclass drug which is used in the cure of many kinds of bacterial infections. This antibiotic is a major drug that is referred by doctors actively for the cure of all kinds of infections in all age group of patients. This drug is a combined derivation of erythromycin along with an atom of nitrogen incorporated into a lactone ring and additionally substituted by methyl in structure.

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More about Azithromycin

This drug is used primarily in the treatment of bacterial infections but there are other uses of this drug as well which are decided by the doctors. Use of Zithromax is majorly made in the treatment of infections like middle ear infections, bronchitis, strep throat, typhoid, pneumonia and sinusitis. The applicability of this drug on so many infections makes it such a popular antibiotic. This drug is not only useful for adults but can also be used in the treatment of infants born with weak immune system. In the cure of mild sexually transmitted diseases like cervicitis, Chlamydia & nongonococcal urethritis this antibiotic is used.

Few considerations

Azithromycin is a truly beneficial drug and it is easy to take on its benefits without any side effects. You just need to take care of the precautions and dosage as said by your doctor. Also follow the instructions carefully written on the label of the drug. Normally the oral suspension of Zithromax is taken with 60 ml of water. The whole suspension is to be taken in one dosage and should to be stored for use afterwards. Also for safety store this antibiotic in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and reach of children. So take care of these points and you will be able to easily make use of this antibiotic without any side effects.

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